Welding for Beginners: Everything you Need To Know About Welding PPE

Welcome to our guide, ‘Welding for beginners’, Welding is a valuable and rewarding skill that allows you to create, repair, and transform metal objects. However, starting a welding project can be potentially dangerous if you don’t know what your doing and if you don’t have the right welding PPE to keep you safe.

In this article, we’ll give you a thorough run through of welding PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) ensuring that you know how to keep yourself safe and protected throughout your welding project.

At Norsemen Safety/Welder’s Choice we are welding specialists. We supply a wide range of welding PPE and equipment, making us your one-stop-shop for all your welding needs. Contact us if you would like to discuss any of our PPE or products and we’d be happy to help guide you with expert advice.

Welding PPE

Welding is a rewarding hobby, but it comes with its own set of hazards. Before beginning your welding project, ensure that you have the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to maintain a safe working environment.

Welding Helmet

A welding helmet protects your face and eyes from radiation, sparks, and spatter. Auto-darkening helmets are highly recommended as they automatically adjust the lens shade when welding begins.

Welding PPE, Welders Mask, Welding for beginners

Safety Glasses

Wearing welding safety glasses under your helmet provides an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your eyes from flying debris when you lift the helmet. They are also designed to protect the wearer against harmful UV and IR Radiation when welding.

Welding PPE, Safety Glasses

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are made from durable, heat-resistant materials like leather. They protect the welder’s hands from heat, sparks, and spatter and should always be worn during welding projects.

Welding PPE, Gauntlet

Welding Sleeves

Welding sleeves offer an added layer of protection, by ensuring that the forearms and elbows of the welder are sheldied from potential debris, sparks spatter, and UV radiation. The elasticated ends also ensure maximum protection and a secure fit.

Welding PPE, Welders Sleeves

Welding Clothing

A flame-resistant welding jacket or pair of chaps will help protect your body from the heat and any flying metal debris. They are typically made with a high UPF rating to block out harmful UV rays.

Welding PPE, Welders Jacket

Welding Coveralls

Welding coveralls offer complete protection for your arms, torso and legs, protecting your body from sparks, splatter and hot metals. They are typically worn by welders/industrial workers who are regularly exposed to heat, but if you’re undertaking a big welding project, a coverall might be ideal.

Welders PPE, Welding coverallls

Welding Apron

A Welding apron protects your torso and upper legs from any sparks and spatter. They are usually made from leather or flame-resistant cotton and have adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

Welding PPE, Welding Apron


A welding respirator protects you from inhaling toxic and harmful fumes and dust. It is especially important when welding in confined or poorly ventilated spaces and it should be worn under your welding mask.

Welding PPE , Respirator

Welding Boots

Welding boots are made from flame-resistant materials like leather, they also often have metatarsal protection and a steel toe cap, protecting your feet from falling objects, sparks and molten metals.

Welding PPE, Welding Boots

Welding blanket

Whilst it’s not an exclusive part of welding PPE, a welding blanket still offers protection to the surrounding area. It is made from a protective, flame-retardant material and designed to be placed over or around a welding work area to protect surfaces and equipment from sparks, spatter, and heat generated during the welding process.

Welding PPE, Welding blanket

Importance of welding PPE

Welding PPE is not optional; it is a necessary component of the welding process. Each piece of the PPE plays a critical role in protecting the welder from various hazards associated with the trade.

As a beginner to welding, you should invest in high-quality welding PPE, it is absolutely necessary before starting a project. At Norsemen Safety, our welding PPE is made to industry standards, ensuring optimum protection for the welder.

Check other safety concerns

As a beginner to welding, there are a few other safety concerns, apart from welding PPE, that you should check before commencing on your project. Read this list below and ensure that you’re working safe and responsibly.

Install safety equipment

You should have safety equipment installed around your welding area, incase of an emergency. Set up a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location, have a first aid kit on hand and if possible, install a fume extractor or fan to help with ventilation.

Choose a suitable location

Choose a location for your welding project that has enough space to move around freely. You should also ensure that it is well-ventilated to disperse welding fumes and away from any flammable materials and general foot traffic.

Clean and well lit

Clean the area before welding, removing all flammable materials, including paper, wood, and cloth, from the welding area. You should also ensure that the area is well-lit with bright, shadow-free lighting, so you can clearly see your work.

Set up a welding table

A welding table will be your primary work surface for welding. Ensure that you use a metal table that is grounded for stability and at comfortable height for you to work on.

Keep your workspace organised

As you work, keep tools and materials organised, putting them back in their place after using them. You should also clean up any debris or spatter as they happen.

Check electrical safety

Ensure that your welding machine is properly grounded and use a dedicated electrical circuit for your welding machine to avoid overloading.

Inspect and test

Before starting any welding project, inspect your setup, making sure that all of the equipment is in good working condition.

There are many safety considerations to take into account, but welding is still an incredibly rewarding skill to learn. Whether you’re beginning welding as a hobby or hoping to develop it into a career, the safety concerns remain the same.

Suppliers of Welding PPE and Equipment

Norsemen Safety is the UK’s largest supplier of welding and safety equipment. We are dedicated to supplying your needs and providing an unparalleled service with our dedicated customer support team. Contact us should you need any advice or guidance for your upcoming welding projects.

Welding for Beginners: Everything you Need To Know About Welding PPE

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