TIG Welding Tungstens

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TIG Welding Tungstens

Achieve Optimal TIG Welds with Premium Tungsten Electrodes

The right tungsten electrode is crucial for clean TIG welds on steel, stainless, aluminum, and exotic alloys. Norsemen offers an extensive selection of pure, thoriated, lanthanated, and ceriated tungsten for all your TIG welding tungsten needs.

Thoriated tungsten provides easy arc starts and excellent electrode life on steel and stainless. Lanthanated tungsten is ideal for AC welding aluminum as it resists contamination. Ceriated tungsten helps start arcs smoothly on aluminum and magnesium.

Norsemen supplies top brands of tungsten including CK Worldwide. Choose from over 50 sizes and styles including 1%, 2%, and 5% lanthanated tungsten electrodes. Purchase single electrodes for replacements or value packs for your shop.

Rely on Norsemen for premium tungsten engineered for peak TIG welding performance. Our expertise helps you select the right electrode for your base metal, amperage, and welding application. Receive your high-quality tungsten quickly with fast processing and shipping.

For your essential TIG electrodes, trust Norsemen and our unmatched selection. We supply leading tungsten brands so you can achieve flawless welds and maximum electrode life.

Need help deciding which Tig Welding Tungsten is best for the material you are welding? Get in touch and we can give you all the technical assistance you need to make those welds impress!  Welder’s Choice, Northern Ireland’s leading Welding and Industrial Supplier.  Quality products, technical knowledge and great customer service. View the range online or call us on 028 9046 0541

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