Welding Respirators

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Welding Respirators

Breathe Safely with Welding Respirators from Norsemen Safety

Welding produces harmful fumes that can damage the lungs and cause long-term illness. Welding respirators from Norsemen Safety provide filtration to prevent inhaling these dangerous particles.

Disposable Respirators

  • Lightweight and economical for short-duration welding job
  • FFP3 rated for best disposable protection.
  • Cup shape or folding designs for portability
  • Sold in boxes of 10, 20, or more

Reusable Respirators

  • Washable rubber or silicone half mask and full facepiece respirators
  • Accommodate filters that capture >99.97% of particles
  • Low breathing resistance for comfort during extended wear
  • Spare filters and cartridges sold separately

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)

  • Forced air flow doesn’t restrict breathing like passive respirators
  • High-efficiency filters remove particles, gases, and vapours
  • Facepieces include loose-fitting hoods or tight-fitting masks
  • Belt-mountable blowers with adjustable airflow


  • Nose cups, face seals & head straps
  • Welding pre-filters
  • Sanitizing wipes & spray
  • Fit test kits

Shop our huge selection of trusted welding respirators and accessories to protect your lungs during welding operations.

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