Economy Welding Helmet

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JACKSON Outer Lens J8319 Pack of 10
£10.50 (ex VAT) £12.60(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
JACKSON Inner Lens J8302 Pack of 10
£11.55 (ex VAT) £13.86(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
JACKSON WH05 Flip Up Welding Helmet 90mm x 110mm Lens -Great Price
£17.50 (ex VAT) £21.00(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
GVS Elipse P3 Nuisance Odour Respirator SPR502 Very Comfortable Mask
£20.65 (ex VAT) £24.78(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
Parweld Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet WH-1
£24.85 (ex VAT) £29.82(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
JACKSON WH20 Aspire Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet J8049
£54.00 (ex VAT) £64.80(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5

Economy Welding Helmet

Affordable Welding Helmets for Less

Protect yourself without breaking your budget with Norsemen’s selection of economy welding helmets. We offer durable, entry-level helmets with adjustable headgear, flip-up lenses, and replaceable lens covers.

Our economy helmets feature fiberglass shells or lightweight polymer composite construction. Adjustable head straps allow you to customize the fit. Flip-up lenses make it easy to check your weld puddle without lifting the helmet.

Magnifying lenses available to provide a clear view of the arc, even with a standard #10 shade lens. Starter kits include lenses, strikers, and replacement lens covers.

While basic in design, our economy welding helmets still offer crucial face and eye protection from sparks and UV/IR radiation. Reliable performance makes them suitable for DIY, farm/ranch, and hobby welding.

Protect yourself on a budget with Norsemen’s line of affordable welding helmets. Versatile, durable, and priced right, these helmets have you covered.

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