TIG Welding Wire

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TIG Welding Wire

Achieve Flawless TIG Welds with Premium Filler Wire

The tig welding wire you choose is critical for creating clean, strong TIG welds. Norsemen supplies high-quality TIG welding wire from leading brands like Elga. We stock mild steel, ER308L,316L stainless steel, ER4043 ,5356 aluminum, and exotic alloy wires for TIG welding.

Elga TIG wires deliver superb arc stability, controlled puddle wetting, and reduced spatter. Their smooth, uniform wire draw profiles prevent hiccups or wire jams. Choose the right wire diameter from 1.0mm to 4.0mm for your weld amperage.

We supply both bulk and small quantity packs. Our extensive selection provides the right TIG wire for all your projects.

Rely on Norsemen for premium TIG welding wire paired with expert support. Tell us about your base metal, joint type, and parameters and we’ll recommend the right filler wire. For all your high-quality TIG wire needs, choose Norsemen.

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