Welding Fume Extraction

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Portable Welding Fume Extractor – AER 201
£690.00 (ex VAT) £828.00(inc VAT)
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Fume Extraction Mig Torch Bernard Clean Air 300 Amp-600 Amp
£775.00 (ex VAT) £930.00(inc VAT)
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Welding Fume Extraction

Clear the Air with Premium Welding Fume Extractors

Breathe easier while welding with high-quality fume extraction systems from leading manufacturers. Norsemen stocks an extensive range of mobile and stationary units ideal for removing welding smoke and gases.

Robust systems from Kemper feature powerful turbine motors and spark arrestors, suitable for busy welding shops. Compact extractors from Plymovent offer portable filtration for small spaces.

Helvi focuses on portable extractors and Holch On-Torch systems attach right to MIG torches for fume capture at the source.

Rely on our experts to help select the right filtration type and extraction capacity for your workspace and welder count. Trust Norsemen to keep your shop’s air clear of harmful contaminants.

Improve working conditions and comply with air quality regulations using top-brand welding fume extraction equipment

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