Elga Welding produces filler metals to support all welding processes and applications with all types of base materials. In addition to standard welding consumables,  Elga will also create custom solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Norsemen/Welder’s Choice is an approved Elga distributor.

Welding Electrodes
With Elga DRYPAC® you can rest assured that the electrodes are dry when you need them. They are vacuum packed in factory dry conditions and come in a moisture controlled paper tray. The package is resealable with a new kind of tape that provides extra protection for electrodes left in an opened DRYPAC®. All DRYPAC® packaging components are of course fully recyclable. 7018, 6013, 7024 or 8018 Elga will have a stick (SMAW) welding electrode that meets your requirements.
Stainless Steel Welding Rods
CROMAROD® is the professional welder’s choice for the perfect stainless welding. It is a stainless steel stick electrode, designed to give high productivity and very good fracture toughness even at very low temperatures. It is the natural choice for demanding applications and welders who choose the best. Dissimilar joints between stainless and low alloy or high carbon steels make it the most universal of all Elga electrodes. The blue CROMAROD® 312 is an easy to use multipurpose electrode with excellent welding characteristics. It can face any base material, except for cast iron.
Flux Cored and Metal Cored Welding Wires
Elga MEGAFIL® are seamless flux- and metal-cored welding wires for all climate conditions. They are hermetically sealed and resistant to moisture absorption. It means you can do perfect welds in any weather conditions. The filling remains dry throughout the entire process of storage and use, preventing hydrogen induced cracking caused by moisture in the consumable. MEGAFIL® requires neither special storage conditions nor re-drying prior to use. These wires offer extremely low diffusible hydrogen values, welded seam and copper coating aids in little to no moisture pick up.
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Elga MEGAFIL 710 M Metal Cored Mig Wire 1.2mm x 16kg Spool
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Today under the Elga brand we offer an extensive range of high-quality welding filler metals, designed, developed and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding sectors, industries and segments.

Elga Welding is aware that the development of good filler metals take time. Each day their products and formulas are maintained, improved and tested in laboratories at various stages, aiming to meet the most rigorous welding requirements.

For more than 80 years Elga has been manufacturing welding filler metals. Today Elga is one of the biggest players in the European welding consumables business.

ELGA a brand you can trust to make those all important welds.


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