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Water-Jel Heat Shield Fire Blanket M7140

Water-Jel Heat Shield Fire Blanket M7140, Puts out fire on burn victim, Stops burn progression, Cool the skin, Relieves pain, Protects contamination of burn area, 100% worsted wool blanket


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Water-Jel Heat Shield Fire Blanket M7140

The Water-Jel Heat Shield is a blanket design to be thrown over a fire victim in order to put the fire out. This stops burn progression and cools the skin to avoid further injury as much as possible. It also assists in the prevention of contamination of the burn area.

The blanket is made with worsted wool, and has an intercellular weave that aborbs 13 times its own weight. Its soaked in a water-based gel that will put the fire out and cool the skin. The blanket will not stick to burn areas and can be placed over clothing. It can be wrapped around the burn victim during a fire rescue situation and will protect them from the heat and flames.

You can read into the Latest British Standard for First Aid in the Workplace.

Water-Jel blanket
Thrown over burn victim
Put fire out, Cool Skin, Protect the burn area from contamination
100% worsted wool
Intercellular weave
Water-based gel soaking
100% worsted wool with an Intercellular weave

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