Jackson Safety has a long reputation for delivering the most innovative safety solutions in the welding and personal protective equipment industries. When it comes to providing safety solutions with long-lasting value, durability and comfort, Jackson Safety has set the standard. Whether the need is for welding protection in a steel fabrication environment, head protection on a construction site, or hearing protection at an airport, Jackson Safety provides the widest range of safety choices to meet the needs of every job and every worker.

Jackson Rebel 46200
The Jackson Rebel Auto Darkening Welding Goggles Mask is a lightweight product designed to reduce neck strain. In addition, the Rebel is designed to fit under most hard hats without the need for adaptor brackets, making it extremely versatile. Easy-to-use digital ADF control system. New Jackson Rebel ADF welding masks are an ideal product for intermittent welding applications such as: automotive, fleet and agricultural equipment repairs; DIY projects; general shop applications. Sometimes an auto darkening welding helmet is too big to get into tight areas, that’s when the Jackson Rebel becomes a handy bit of kit.
Jackson WH20 aspire
The JACKSON WH20 Aspire Welding Helmet is a popular economy welding auto darkening helmet in our welding helmet range. This is an Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, meaning it will automatically switch to the selected shade when welding begins. This welding helmet offers shade 9 – 13. The Aspire automatic welding helmet has a sleek, low-profile design, and weighs just 510g making it one of the lightest welding helmets in the JACKSON Welding Helmet range.
Jackson Airmax Duo PAPR
The Jackson WH Duo Welding Helmet is an affordable choice to protect you and your welders from harmful fumes. It offers high levels of protection, and features a quality welding helmet to improve the welder’s experience. Looking for a lift front PAPR, please see the Jackson Airmax Translift Flip 455. If a welding PAPR system is out of your price range, consider an Elipse half mask respirator designed to fit under a welding helmet with an automatic welding helmet.
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JACKSON Outer Lens J8319 Pack of 10
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JACKSON Inner Lens J8302 Pack of 10
£11.55 (ex VAT) £13.86(inc VAT)
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JACKSON WH05 Flip Up Welding Helmet 90mm x 110mm Lens -Great Price
£17.50 (ex VAT) £21.00(inc VAT)
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Jackson MAXVIEW Premium Face Shield Visor J14200
Original price was: £28.75.Current price is: £25.00. (ex VAT) £30.00(inc VAT)
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Welding Blanket Light Duty 2m x 2m – Great Quality
£29.45 (ex VAT) £35.34(inc VAT)
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JACKSON WH20 Aspire Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet J8049
£54.00 (ex VAT) £64.80(inc VAT)
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Auto Darkening Welding Goggle Mask – Jackson Rebel ADF 46200
Original price was: £216.00.Current price is: £135.00. (ex VAT) £162.00(inc VAT)
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Jackson Airmax Translight 555 PAPR Welding Helmet – Great Protection
£760.00 (ex VAT) £912.00(inc VAT)
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Jackson Safety is a renowned provider of welding and personal protective equipment, serving professional workers across various industries for nearly a century. Known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and comfort, Jackson Safety has established itself as a standard-bearer in the safety solutions sector.

In 2018, Jackson Safety became a part of SureWerx®, a leading supplier of safety products, tools, and equipment catering to professional markets such as safety, industrial, construction, heavy duty, and the automotive aftermarket. With co-headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, USA, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, SureWerx offers an extensive range of industry-leading products across numerous reputable corporate brands.

As a proud member of the SureWerx family, Jackson Safety continues to uphold its legacy of providing professional workers with reliable and innovative safety solutions. Whether you’re in the market for personal protective equipment, welding safety gear, or any other safety tools, Jackson Safety and SureWerx have you covered.

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