Welding Project Ideas While Self Isolating

welding project ideas during quarantine

Social Distancing — Welding Projects, Welding & Metal Art

Lots of us are finding we have time on our hands and we need to think of ways to keep busy within the confines of our own property. So for all of you that have a welding machine tucked away somewhere gathering dust and haven’t had time to do any welding, why not consider a welding project? You can social distance behind your welding helmet, preferably an air feed welding helmet https://norsemensafety.co.uk/welder-s-choice/welding-helmets-masks/air-fed-welding-helmets.html and take your mind off the pressures of what’s going on in the world today (even if it’s just an hour!) and create a metal sculpture or something functional for your back garden!

Welding Project Ideas

Whether you’re a MIG welder, ARC welder or a TIG welder, there will be something you can create. Here’s a few great welding ideas from the https://www.millerwelds.com/ website…

Miller Welding metal F1 race car welding project
Miller Welding Crab Metal Welding Project
Miller Welding Water Fountain Welding Project

Have a look around your shed, garage or barn and see what you can find to weld your own metal art sculpture. Then get your welding machine cleaned up and ready to go.

For expert advice, just give us a call! We ARE still open for business but call ahead because we are also practicing social distancing to protect our employees and customers!

Things to remember before you start welding!

Remember before you start welding — SAFETY FIRST!

If you are an inexperienced welder or prone to accidents then don’t start a project — the NHS has enough to deal with at the moment. Use this time to plan the projects you want to weld and then when we are all safely through the other side ARC ON.

Safety is the primary concern on any project. Always use tools and equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete safety precautions and procedures.

We’d love to see your welding projects so share them with us on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Stay Safe, Stay Distant and Happy Welding!

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