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Welding Spats-Leather Welding Spats P3745
£8.75 (ex VAT) £10.50(inc VAT)
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Welding Boots from Helvi AgileSafe #1 for Protection and Comfort
Original price was: £39.50.Current price is: £35.00.
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Welders Boots Cofra BIS UK S3 HRO SRC Great Protection Boots for Welders
Original price was: £47.50.Current price is: £44.00.
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Welding Boots

Protect your feet from impact, heat, and chemicals with specialized welding boots and safety footwear from Norsemen. We carry top brands designed for welders and fabrication workers.

Welding Boots

  • Leather, rubber, or composite exteriors resist welding spatter
  • Heat-resistant soles rated for contact with hot surfaces
  • Reinforced toe caps protect against falling objects
  • Electric hazard rating for protection from open circuits
  • Removable metatarsal guards shield instep from spatter

Safety Boots

  • Steel, alloy, or composite toe caps for impact protection
  • Slip-resistant soles for sure footing on slick surfaces
  • Puncture-resistant midsoles protect from sharp objects
  • Electrical hazard, static dissipating, and other safety ratings
  • Waterproof materials keep feet dry in wet conditions

Insoles & Boot Care

  • Anti-fatigue insoles alleviate foot strain and pain
  • Boot dryers and deodorizers keep feet fresh
  • Laces, toe guards, straps, and other boot parts

Protect your feet with purpose-built welding and safety boots. Shop top footwear brands at Norsemen Safety & Welding.

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