Mild Steel TIG Welding Wire

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Elgatig 100 Mild Steel TIG Wire
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Mild Steel TIG Welding Wire

Achieve Strong Mild Steel TIG Welds with Premium Filler Wire

For high-quality mild steel TIG welds, you need a mild steel tig welding wire that promotes a stable arc and minimizes defects. Norsemen supplies ER70S-2 and ER70S-6 TIG wire from trusted brands like Elga.

Elgatig 100 wire provides optimal current density and bead shape for excellent surface finish.

We stock popular diameters like 1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.0mm.

Rely on Norsemen’s expertise to recommend the right mild steel TIG wire for your joint design, metal thickness, and amperage settings. Get the high-quality filler metal paired with exceptional service you need to maximize productivity.

For premium mild steel TIG filler wire, trust in Norsemen. Our diverse inventory enables you to achieve strong, clean welds with ease.

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