Mild Steel MIG Welding Wire

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Mild Steel MIG Welding Wire

Our mild steel MIG welding wire delivers quality welds on all your steel fabrication projects. An economical choice that is compatible with most joints.

  • SG2,SG3 ER70S-6 – versatile wire for carbon steel
  • Composition of 0.6-0.8% manganese and 0.8-1.15% silicon
  • Tensile strength up to 83,000 psi
  • Available in 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm diameters
  • Spool sizes from .0.45kg up to 300 kg


  • Smooth, stable arc for quality welds
  • Minimal spatter for easy clean-up
  • Good bead appearance and wetting action
  • For fillet and lap welds, sheet metal, repairs, and more
  • Welds with mixed gas argon/CO2 or 100% CO2 shielding
  • Lower risk of cold cracking versus stainless wire

For your everyday steel welding needs, trust our high-quality SG2/SG3 ER70S-6 mild steel MIG wire to get the job done right. Check our bulk pricing for big savings on large spools.

Quality products, technical knowledge, and great customer service. View the range online or call us on 028 9046 0541.

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