Corten Mig Wire

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Corten MIG Wire 1.0mm x 15kg Spool Great for Weathering Steels
£120.25 (ex VAT) £144.30(inc VAT)
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Corten Mig Wire

Weld Weathering Steel with Corten MIG Wire

For welding ASTM A588 weathering steel, choose Corten mig wire available at Norsemen. Corten wire contains closely controlled levels of copper to match the properties of Corten steel in structural applications.

The metal matrix disintegrates at the weld pool surface to release shielding gases. This self-shielding action eliminates the need for external shielding gas for most welds.

Corten mig wire provides deep weld penetration and high deposition rates. The metallic slag is easily removed. Welds resist cracking, remain ductile, and age over time to match surrounding weathering steel.

Rely on our experts to recommend the right wire for your weathering steel joints. Achieve color-matched, mechanically sound welds.

Trust Norsemen for high-performing Corten MIG wire to meet your weathering steel needs. Order your spool online today!

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