Lightweight Welding Nozzles

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Lightweight Welding Tip
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Lightweight Welding Nozzles

Get Optimized Heating with Brazing Nozzles

Achieve precision heating control during oxy-fuel brazing with high quality lightweight welding nozzles from Norsemen. We supply brazing tips engineered to direct and focus heat exactly where you need it.

Our nozzles come in a variety of styles for specific heating needs. Rosebud nozzles spread heat over a wide area and are ideal for preheating. Ring nozzles concentrate heat on circular areas for pipe joining.

Knife and pencil flame nozzles provide a tight linear flame pattern to heat seams or small areas. Venturi nozzles mix gases for controlled heating of heat-sensitive materials.

We carry brazing nozzles for hand torches as well as automatic and track torches. Nozzle materials include copper, brass, stainless steel, and other alloys. Let our experts recommend the right nozzle for your project.

Get the optimized, controlled heating your brazing and soldering applications need with nozzles from Norsemen.

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