Protecting  people at work and at play. On the production line and on the ski slope. While welding or while riding. uvex is one brand with one mission: protecting people.


Products in the uvex sports group include ski goggles and helmets, equestrian riding helmets, cycling helmets, sports eyewear and motorsport racing helmets. As safety equipment suppliers and partners for international top-level sport, uvex equips more than 1,000 professional athletes worldwide. Everything revolves around safety at work in the Uvex safety group and we produce personal protective equipment from head to toe – from protective helmets to safety shoes.

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Uvex Safety Glasses Astrospec 2.0 Clear Safety Spec
£7.95 (ex VAT) £9.54(inc VAT)
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Safety Goggles UVEX Ultrasonic Goggles 9302 – Maximum Wearer Comfort
Original price was: £9.70.Current price is: £8.25. (ex VAT) £9.90(inc VAT)
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UVEX Heckel Suxxeed S3 Safety Boot – Extremely Comfortable and Flexible
Original price was: £60.85.Current price is: £57.60.
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