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SIP Industrial Welding manufacture a range of quality Welding machine. See their MIG Welders, TIG Welders, ARC Welders, Plasma machine and much more!

Come visit our Belfast Showroom to see some of our SIP Welding Machines! Priced affordably, these machines are perfect for both person and professional use! Available in Northern Ireland, ROI and the UK!

SIP TIG/ARC Inverter Welder
SIP 05775 HG1800 DC TIG/ARC Inverter Welder. This SIP tig welding machine is capable of welding steel, stainless steel & copper. It runs with dual weld functions, having the ability to weld using TIG and ARC Functions. This SIP HG1800 has a DC output current. The SIP Inverter runs at a high duty cycle of 160 amps @ 60% for TIG Welding, and 140 amps @ 60% for ARC Welding. Included in the SIP 05775 box: SIP17 TIG Torch 4 metre, 2 metre earth lead 3 metre gas hose Torch spares kit It requires a 230v (16amp) power supply. The Welding machine is generator friendly. 2 Year Warranty This SIP 05775 HG1800 Welding Machine uses IGBT Inverter Technology, and makes use of anti-stick circuitry.
SIP AC/DC TIG/ARC Welder with Pulse Inverter Welder
SIP HG2500P AC/DC TIG/ARC with Pulse Inverter welding package Deal includes: SIP HG2500P SIP Tig Torch Jackson Aspire Automatic Welding Helmet SIP Foot Control Pedal SIP 3-tier Welding Trolley Earth Cable and Clamp This is SIP’s AC/DC TIG/ARC Welder with Pulse capabilities. This machines is suitable for a range of applications, such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium and copper. This SIP Welding Machine has dual welding functions, and also offers anti-stick circuitry, high frequency TIG for easy arc starting & a low 10 amp TIG performance. The SIP HG2500P has a 10amp – 200amp TIG output current and 5 amp – 170 amp ARC current. It runs on a 200 amp Duty Cycle @ 60% for TIG Welding & 130amp Duty Cycle @ 60% for ARC Welding. This machine includes a 2-touch / 4-touch control, pulse function & remote control option. It can weld 0.5 to 4mm (TIG) and 1 – 7mm (Arc) thickness The SIP Weldmate AC/DC TIG/ARC HG2500P Welder includes 5 metre TIG Torch, TIG torch kit, earth cable with earth clamp, 4m x 8mm gas hose and a hose clamp. 2 YEAR WARRANTY on the power source.
SIP Autoplus MIG Welder
The SIP AUTOPLUS 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder offers professional-grade MIG performance perfect for even the most demanding applications and environments, utilising both a wheel-mounted design and dual gas and gasless welding modes. Ideal for automotive, agricultural, and workshop use. Current range of 30amp-250amp Welding thickness of 0.8mm-9mm Variable Wire Spool Size Capability Supplied with 3mtr professional MIG torch, gas hose and Earth lead accessories. Ideal for automotive, agricultural, and workshop use.
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SIP 17V 4 metre TIG Torch 05029 Good Quality Torch
£87.15 (ex VAT) £104.58(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
Gasless Mig Welder SIP T136 Gas/Gasless Mig Welder 05736
£240.00 (ex VAT) £288.00(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
Gasless MIG Welder SIP Mini Autoplus 130 Synergic MIG Welder 05793
£240.65 (ex VAT) £288.78(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
SIP 05775 HG1800 DC TIG/ARC Inverter Welder
£362.50 (ex VAT) £435.00(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
SIP 05771 Weldmate HG2200P DC TIG/ARC Welder with Pulse
£458.50 (ex VAT) £550.20(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
SIP Autoplus 250ST MIG Welder Single Phase
£779.00 (ex VAT) £934.80(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
SIP 05772 HG3000 MIG/ARC Inverter Welder Excellent Arc Control
£1,175.00 (ex VAT) £1,410.00(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
sip industrial welding brand

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Discover SIP Industrial Products Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer with a rich 50-year legacy in creating superior welding and compressor equipment. Renowned for innovation and quality, SIP offers an extensive range of specialist products for various markets, including air compressors, woodworking tools, automotive equipment, heating solutions, and pressure washers. Committed to excellence, SIP continues to launch over 100 new products annually, ensuring top-tier machinery and exceptional customer service. Explore SIP’s journey from a small Leicester-based company to a global powerhouse in industrial equipment.

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