Polyco Healthline offers an extensive range of PPE. From gloves to bags, workwear to paper — always quality products. Innovating new hygiene and protection solutions, Polyco Healthline is leading the way in glove dispensing technology and greener recyclable products.

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More about POLYCO

Polyco Healthline is a prominent supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene products, catering to both workplace and home environments. With a reputation for reliability, the company offers an extensive range of high-quality products, including reusable and disposable gloves, disposable workwear, infection control solutions, disposable aprons, and bags. Their services extend to various sectors, ensuring that businesses and homes throughout the UK and overseas have access to essential protective gear.

Operating from Lincolnshire, Polyco Healthline boasts state-of-the-art laboratory testing facilities and warehouses. Their skilled teams are dedicated to innovative research and development, as well as maintaining expert logistics to guarantee timely supply. The company takes pride in designing, sourcing, licensing, and selling products, optimizing every step of the global supply chain. They collaborate with commercially minded businesses to tackle significant challenges, aiming to create a more compliant, sustainable, and safer environment.

Polyco Healthline is committed to ensuring safety and cleanliness in various industries, including construction, automotive, healthcare, food industry, logistics, oil and gas, nuclear, renewables, petrochemical, chemical, major infrastructure projects, retail, and life sciences.

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