GYS is a renowned French manufacturing company, established in 1964, specializing in the design and production of welding machines, Welding Helmets, battery chargers, and car body repair equipment. With over 900 employees globally, the family-owned business emphasizes continuous investment in research and development, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation in their industry.
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GVS Elipse Integra Low-Profile P3 Respirator Mask with Goggles
£41.50 (ex VAT) £49.80(inc VAT)
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GYS Welding Helmet – LCD Apollo+ 5/9-9/13 G True Colour – High Quality
Original price was: £85.00.Current price is: £68.50. (ex VAT) £82.20(inc VAT)
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More about GYS

The company offers a comprehensive range of products, catering to various needs across different sectors. Their welding equipment includes a vast selection of machines, accessories, and consumables, suitable for both advanced industrial applications and general maintenance. In the realm of battery maintenance, GYS produces an extensive array of charging and maintenance products, manufactured in two dedicated factories. Their car body repair equipment is unparalleled, providing a complete solution for vehicles involved in accidents, including dent pulling, welding, riveting, and induction heating systems.

GYS’s commitment to innovation is evident in their substantial investment in a state-of-the-art research center, housing over 90 expert engineers across multiple specialties. This facility underscores their dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions and improvements in response to customer demands.

The company’s manufacturing process is fully integrated, ensuring control over every detail and adherence to the highest quality standards, as evidenced by their ISO 9001 certification. This approach enables GYS to respond swiftly to customer needs, ensuring their competitiveness in the market.

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