Bolle Safety

Bollé Safety is a prominent global brand specializing in personal protective equipment (PPE) eyewear, with a mission to protect people’s vision worldwide in the most challenging environments, enhancing their performance and well-being. With a legacy spanning over 130 years, Bollé Safety has established itself as a leader in the PPE eyewear market, committed to delivering innovative and design-driven products that ensure optimal protection and comfort.

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Bolle Overlight Safety Spectacles
£5.25 (ex VAT) £6.30(inc VAT)
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Bolle Lens Cleaning Tissues – 200 pack
£5.40 (ex VAT) £6.48(inc VAT)
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Bolle Blast Visor for Goggles
£7.24 (ex VAT) £8.69(inc VAT)
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Bolle Lens Cleaning Spray 500ml – B402
£8.50 (ex VAT) £10.20(inc VAT)
Rated 0 out of 5
Bolle Safety Goggles – Blast
£9.86 (ex VAT) £11.83(inc VAT)
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More about Bolle Safety

The company offers a wide range of safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and welding helmets, catering to various industrial activities including construction, chemical, and energy sectors. Bollé Safety is dedicated to providing specific eyewear solutions to meet the unique needs of over 20 million wearers daily. Their Industrial range stands as a testament to their commitment to worker safety, while the Bollé Safety Standard Issue (BSSI) brand serves tactical and first responders, ensuring they have the competitive advantage needed to perform their duties safely.

Bollé Safety also addresses the growing concern of blue light exposure, offering advanced blue blocker lens technology to protect everyone, including children, screen users, and workers, from the harmful effects of blue light emitted by screens and digital devices. Additionally, the company has developed a premium safety prescription line, combining cutting-edge technologies, protection, and style, to accommodate individuals with vision impairments.

For industries requiring stringent cleanliness standards, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and medical equipment manufacturing, Bollé Safety provides protective Cleanroom goggles to minimize airborne contamination from workers. The company also offers a dedicated range of products for healthcare professionals, ensuring maximum protection, sharp vision, and precision for those working tirelessly to save lives.

Bollé Safety operates on a global scale, distributing products in over 80 countries and maintaining headquarters on each continent.

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