Anvil Traction Safety Footwear

Anvil Traction is part of the Tripal Group and is the UK market leader in slip-resistant outsole technology for safety and occupational footwear.

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More about Anvil Traction Safety Footwear

Anvil Traction is a renowned business specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative and high-quality safety footwear. Established in 2007, the company has dedicated itself to enhancing workplace safety, particularly by reducing slips, trips, and falls, which are prevalent accidents in various industries.

The company is well-known for its AT-GRIP™ technology, a result of a collaborative research project with the University of Sheffield back in 2015. This technology has set new standards in the industry, offering slip-resistant outsoles that have been rated 5* by the HSE and have shown to reduce slip accidents in some workplaces by up to 80%. Anvil Traction’s commitment to technical expertise, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities has positioned them as a leader in traction technology.

Anvil Traction operates with three core values: Safer, Greener, and Happier. They strive to conduct their business responsibly and ethically, ensuring safety for both wearers and manufacturers. The company is also committed to sustainability, holding an ISO14001 accreditation and continuously seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact. Lastly, they believe in creating a happier world through comfortable and well-designed footwear, as well as fostering positive relationships with customers and employees.

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