Hypaclens E401APK25 Sterile Eyewash Pods

HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Pods, Emergency Eye irrigation, 0.9% Sterile Saline Solution, 20ml pods

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HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Pods. The pods gently wash the eye and provide sensitive and moisture replenishing relief for eyes that have been contaminated with particles or liquid. HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Pods contain 0.9% sterile saline solution that is ideal for irrigating eyes and general wound washing applications.

HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Pods are highly recommended emergency eye irrigation for any workplace environment and come in packs of 25. The compact 20ml pods are an essential addition to first aid kit and cabinet. HypaClens Sterile Eyewash provides minimal wastage when compared to larger eyewash bottles. The strip format ensures pods stay together when stored but can be easily separated from one another in an emergency.

call_for_a_quote=No,mgs_brand=Hypaclens,product_features=HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Pods Emergency eye irrigation for any workplace environment 0.9% sterile saline solution is ideal for irrigating minor eye irritations and general wound washing Eyewash pods provide minimal wastage compared to larger eyewash bottles 20ml pods Available in packs of 25

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