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Electrode 6013 2.5mm (4.5kg)

Electrode 6013, 2.5mm, Rutile Medium Coating
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Rutile medium coated electrode, especially developed for welding mild steel for light metallic constructions and thin sheet. Suitable for trade, use in structural engineering, shipbuilding, vehicle and agricultural machines, made of steel with max. 0,25%C, for service temperature up to 0C. Excellent striking characteristics. Electrodes welds with a stabile arc and very spattering loss. The slag is self-releasing. Very good weldability on AC and DC- current.
  • Rutile Medium Coated Electrode
  • Excellent striking characteristics
  • Self-releasing slag
  • Classification: EN ISO 2560-A: E 42 0 R 12, AWS A5.1: E 6013
  • Heat Treatment: As Welded
  • Yield Strength: ≥ 430 MPa
  • Tensile Strength: 490-550
  • Elongation: ≥ 24
  • Impact Energy ISO – V (J) (0°C): ≥47
  • Materials: S(P)235 to S(P)355; GP240; GP280