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Ear Protection  

Noise Measurement & Monitoring

Eye Protection  
. For Occupational
  & Environmental   noise measurements
. Available with Class 1 or 2   accuracy.
. Options of 1:1 and
  1:3 Octave Band  Filters
   to help select hearing
  protection (PPE)
. 1:3 Octave Band Filters 
  for  environmental noise   measurements and tonal   analysis
. Data Logging of up to   
  1,300 measurements
. USB   data download to 
  Deaf Defier3

. Single function buttons
. Class 1 or Class 2  
. User selectable A & C   Weighting for HML   measurements & machine   noise testing.
  Analysis for PPE selection
. Upgrade with Data Log,   functions such as   L10,
   L90   and LAE (SEL)
. USB connection +Version
. CR:261S available for   Vehicle Noise   Testing ISO5130:1982  

. Sound Level Meter for basic
  measurements and spot checks
. Class 2 Sound   Level Meter    to   IEC   61672:2002-1 &   Type 2   to IEC 60651:1979
. dB(A) & dB(C)   Frequency   Weightings
. Fast Time Weighting with   Maximum Hold    (LAFmax or  LCFmax)
. Measurement range of 35dB(A)
  to 130dB(A)
. Windshield included as    standard
Gas Detection    
General Items    
Hand Protection    
Head Protection       CR-800 Series       CR-260 Series          CR-306  
Noise Meters   Sound Level Meters & Noise Meters - a range of applications and noise measurements including Occupational & Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Noise Monitoring, Product Testing & Developement as well as basic noise level measurements.  
Respiratory   doseBadge Noise Meters - the doseBadge is the original wireless personal noise dosemeter. With a rugged, durable metal case, no cables, controls or external microphone, the doseBadge is simple, reliable and easy to use.
Workwear   Safety Officer's Noise Kit - the combination of both our renowned doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeters and Sound Level Meters presents the ideal measurement solution for those wishing to make thorough noise risk assessments all contained in one durable kit case.
  Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit - a range of outdoor measurement kits either as a complete kits which includes the appropriate Sound Level Meter and all of the accessories or as an individual kit which can be added to an existing Sound Level Meter.  
Welder's Choice   Sound Sign Noise Activated Warning Sign
. Noise activated warning sign
. Innovative design with low power requirements, simple installation and   configuration
. Data Logging option allows noise levels to be recorded and   downloaded to a PC
. Clear display with industry standard information using high intensity   white LED’s
. Trigger levels from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
. Master Units can control up to 3 Remote Display Units
. Custom display options and sign information available

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