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Ear Protection  

Hand & Arm Protection

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Hand & Arm Protection

Providing hand protection for
- Minimal Risk Cat.1
- Intermediate Design Cat.2
- Complex Design Cat.3

Norsemen's range includes arm sleeves for heat & cut protection, as well as gloves for all jobs.

Protection for applications include -

. Mechanical hazards
. Chemicals &/or micro-organisms
. Cold hazards
. Thermal hazards
. Radiation/radioactive
. Food handling

Riggers, Grips, Knitted, Coated, Leather, Industrial, Disposable.

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    Thermal Drivers   Grip Gloves   Welding Gloves  
Welder's Choice   Vinyl Disposable   Latex Disposable   Nitrile Disposable   Every Customer is different, and so are their needs, and Norsemen have an extensive range of gloves to meet their demands.

Quality gloves from our Ejendals©, Polyco© or Superior© ranges provide protection & comfort, with long term benefits, as well a choice of gloves, competively priced to get the job done!
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