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General Range of Products

Eye Protection        

General Products

We can provide an extensive range of products to meet your small and varied needs.

. First Aid packs, kits & refills
. Burns Kits
. Fall Arrest ropes, harnesses & kit
. Spill Kits - oil, chemical etc.
. Traffic bollards, signs, barriers
. Floor Signs
. Hand, Centre Pull, & Toilet Paper
. Janitorial brushes, mops, sacks
. Health & Safety Guides/Posters
. Health & Safety Signage
. Wet & Dry Hand Wipes
. Cleaning Fluids, Bleaches etc.

We are here to provide a service and support your requirements, and any items not listed, we will do our best to source for you.

Gas Detection   First Aid Kits   First Aid Eye Packs   First Aid Handy Refill   Burns Kits
General Items        
Hand Protection        
Head Protection   Fall Arrest Kits   Oil & Chemical Spill Kits   Traffic Management   Floor Signs
Respiratory         Mop Heads & Handles
    Paper Centre Pull   Paper Hand Towels   Toilet Paper   Refuse Bags
Mops & Brushes
Welder's Choice        
    Health & Safety Posters   Signage   Heavy Duty Hand Wipes   Cleaning Fluids/Bleaches  
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