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Footwear Range

Norsemen can provide a range of safety & occupational footwear to meet your needs in business.

Shoes, boots, hiker boots, trainer styles all to the necessary European Standards are available with a wide choice of protection depending on the hazard risks.

Assess the risk within the working environment and provide protection with :
. Impact resistant toe caps
. Pierce resistant mid-sole
. Resistance to oil/chemicals
. Slip resistant sole
. Heat resistant sole
. Water resistance
. Cold resistance
. Anti-static sole

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Head Protection   Cofra Old Glories   Cofra Reno UK   Cofra Bolton  
Respiratory   BRUNO   HULL   KAIBAB   FootStop FOOTSTOP SERVICE - 

• It takes only 10-15 seconds to measure feet.

• Test can be done with socks on.

• Testing device measures foot length and width, 
pressure distribution, and determines the arch type. 

• Test results give information about static pressure points, and recommend shoe size and special insoles.  

• Results are seen immediately and can be sent to customers by e-mail. 
    Cofra Bruno   Cofra Hull   Cofra Kaibab        
Welder's Choice   Wellington Boots   Goliath Atom 60   Cofra Castle   Cofra    
    Wellingtons     White / Black   Microfibre   Cofra Castle  

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      Norsemen can provide you with a quality range of footwear at very competitive prices, and when value for money
and comfort are important, the ranges from Jalas and Cofra Footwear© will be hard to overlook.

We are confident we will have a choice of footwear to meet your individual needs.
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